CIA, a large-scale attack by al-Qaeda warning

Weekly Osaka Nichinichi newspaper [headline, special] did it so and!

CIA, a large-scale attack by al-Qaeda warning Nani What Islamic countries? Troops. Million people, combatants have joined from all over the world Now, the world's Chikiri even [Japanese hostage incident]. Recently caused the incident annoy the world Islamic countries. Or their purpose on earth what the? To it first, there is a need to learn about [What is the Islamic countries]. 0 years of Islamic countries was established. Extend the forces based in the subsequent civil war Syria territory Aleppo, Ya invaded Iraq of Higashitonari, we began to expand the force to absorb the military, et al. Of the former Saddam Hussein regime. Their ultimate goal is, to the Christian state of Europe and the United States, about 00 years recapture of the vast territory of up to before the first World War Asia and the Ottoman Turkish Empire is held to have the Mediterranean coast almost the entire area at the time. For this reason, it moderate in other Muslim countries, rather than countries that have approved the country regardless of the extremists, both China and Russia have been hostile, What the presence of the isolated Muen.